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Why are some things greyed out?

You may find some inputs and outputs are greyed out, this is either becuase your device does not support them or they are not available to use in combination with another trigger.

How do I share a trigger?

To share a trigger your device must have a twitter account associated with it, when you view your triggers on the app and you have allowed the app to access your account the share buttons will be enabled.

How do I use the online counter?

To use the online counter, make sure you have a twitter account associated with your device, select the counter option as your output and when it becomes available, toggle the 'COUNT ONLINE' button untill it reads 'COUNT ONLINE is ON'.

What are the speed and direction controls for?

The speed of your trigger is the frequency at which your rule is checked against the input value (the lower the number the faster the response). The direction is a toggle button between Straight and Looped, If set to 'straight' the trigger will stop after the first output is triggered, if set to 'looped' the trigger will not stop untill told to or the phone is locked.